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Battle of the Warriors

Battle of the Warriors    

R 133 min ActionAsiaChina / HongkongDramaHistoryWar

IMDB: 6.7/10 3,468 votes

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3 wins & 20 nominations.

China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong


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Nonton Movie Battle of the Warriors Subtitle Indonesia

The film is set in China in 370 BC during the Warring States period. A massive army from the Zhao state is on its way to attack the Yan state. Liang, a city-state on the Zhao–Yan border, is in peril of being conquered by the Zhao army. Ge Li, a Mohist, comes to Liang to help defend the city. Although the King of Liang has already planned for peace talks with the invaders, Ge Li manages to convince him and the people of Liang to put up resistance by warning them of the consequences of surrendering. He also promises the King that the invaders will give up on Liang if they fail to conquer it within a month, because their main target is actually the Yan state. The King has doubts about Ge Li’s idea but still puts Ge in command of his army.

Ge Li creates a bulwark and various traps to halt the Zhao army’s advance. When he insists that Zituan lead the archers, Liang Shi (the Liang prince) is angered because he sees Zituan’s archery skill as inferior to his. Even though Zituan later proves to be a better archer, Ge Li’s style of working puts him at odds with Liang Shi and the other Liang generals. Ge Li also briefly meets Xiang Yanzhong, the commander-in-chief of the Zhao army, for a board game outside the city to understand each other better. During the first Zhao attack, Ge Li’s defence tactics worked well—a Zhao general was killed and the invaders were forced to retreat—but the Liang forces also suffered losses from a skirmish with Zhao infiltrators inside the city. Ge Li’s success earns him the support of the people and he becomes a highly revered hero. Yiyue, a female cavalry commander, falls in love with Ge Li. However, Ge Li is reluctant to accept her feelings for him and tries to draw boundaries between them. One night, Ge Li and Yiyue scout the Zhao camp and discover that the enemy is digging underground tunnels to bypass their city’s defences. Ge Li used that to his advantage by luring the Zhao soldiers into an ambush and then sealing the tunnel exits.

Battle of the Warriors
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