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Bridget Moynahan

Unknown 6.5
Unknown Nonton Movie Film Unknown Subtitle Indonesia In a warehouse, a handful of men regain consciousness; they have no idea who they are or what happened to them. One is tied to a chair (Joe Pantoliano), another has been handcuffed and shot (Jeremy Sisto), a third has a broken nose (Greg Kinnear), and the other two are also wounded (Jim Caviezel and Barry Pepper). Caviezel's character wakes up first. He makes sure everyone is alive, then discovers that the windows are barred and the only door has a mechanized lock. He finds a ringing phone and picks it up. The caller asks what is going on and Caviezel tells the caller that everyone is fine. The Caller tells him he will return in a few hours. Somewhere else, a money drop off is occurring. Mr. Coles has been kidnapped. In the warehouse, Pantoliano's character asks to be untied. As Caviezel prepares to untie him, Pepper's character convinces him not to, telling Caviezel that Pantoliano is not on the same side, or he would not have been tied up. As Caviezel and Pepper look for the keys to release Sisto from the handcuffs and treat his wound, Kinnear wakes up and fights with Caviezel and Pepper. At the drop off, the signal in the money bag goes silent; the cops enter to find the money gone. In the warehouse, the men find a newspaper featuring a story about the kidnapping of a wealthy businessman named Coles. The men suspect that they were involved with the kidnapping, but do not know what their involvement was. They begin to experience flashbacks.
IMDB: 6.5/10 26,821 votes