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Manu Bennett

Death Race 2050 3.7
Death Race 2050 Nonton Movie Death Race 2050 Subtitle Indonesia The year is 2050. In the United Corporations of America, which is plagued by overpopulation and an unemployment rate of 99.993%, the Death Race provides both entertainment and population control. Spanning from Old New York to New Los Angeles, the current Death Race features reigning champion Frankenstein, genetically engineered athlete Jed Perfectus, hip hop sensation Minerva Jefferson, female cultist Tammy the Terrorist, and the self-driving car ABE. Each driver is assigned a proxy, a broadcaster who allows the audience to experience the race through virtual reality. Frankenstein is immediately put off by his proxy Annie Sullivan and ignores her attempts to interview him and her suggestions to let his opponents pass him. As the drivers race through the East Coast, rebels led by former network producer Alexis Hamilton set traps throughout the sector. Tammy and Minerva form a fierce rivalry when they steal each other's cult followers for kills. After running into a rebel trap, ABE malfunctions, kills its proxy, and abandons the race to discover its purpose. At the first checkpoint, Hamilton orders Annie, who is revealed to be her spy, to kill Frankenstein. Her attempt to seduce him fails, as he cares for nothing but winning the race. Elsewhere, the Chairman explains that Frankenstein has become a liability due to his longevity, whereas Perfectus will encourage his devoted fans to die at his hand. On day two of the race, the drivers pass through the heartland of the country, known for its gun-wielding citizens. Minerva's proxy Chi Wapp is killed by a suicide bomber sent by Tammy. Frankenstein takes a shortcut on another tip, but his car gets stuck in a cornfield. As Annie wanders off, Frankenstein fends off against a group of resistance ninjas to score more points. Upon reaching the next checkpoint, Annie admits to being a rebel and attempts to recruit Frankenstein. Politically apathetic, Frankenstein curses both the rebels and the government, reiterating his desire only to win the race. At a bar, Minerva reveals to Annie that she is an educated intellectual who plays a stereotypical hip hop character to survive. Coming back to Frankenstein's room, Annie saves his life from Perfectus, who is jealous of Frankenstein's popularity and sex appeal. Meanwhile, it is discovered that Hamilton and the Chairman are working together behind the scenes.
IMDB: 3.7/10 2,865 votes

Death Race 2050

The Marine 4.7
The Marine Nonton Movie Film The Marine Subtitle Indonesia In Iraq, John Triton (John Cena) of the United States Marine Corps is closing in on an al-Qaeda hideout, where a group of terrorists are preparing to behead several hostages. Disregarding direct orders to wait for reinforcements, Triton attacks the extremists and rescues the hostages. The next morning, his colonel informs Triton that he is being honorably discharged for disobeying direct orders. Home from Iraq, Triton finds it hard to settle back into normal life. He is fired from his job as a security guard for using excessive force on an employee's ex-boyfriend and his bodyguards. Triton's wife Kate (Kelly Carlson) decides the two need a vacation to help Triton adjust to his new life. Meanwhile, criminal Rome (Robert Patrick) robs a jewelry store with his gang: girlfriend Angela (Abigail Bianca), Morgan (Anthony Ray Parker), Vescera (Damon Gibson), and Bennett (Manu Bennett). Rome is in collusion with an anonymous partner, with whom he is planning on sharing the profits from the diamonds. On the run, the gang stops at a gas station where Triton and Kate have stopped. When two policemen arrive to buy gas, Morgan shoots and kills one of the officers, causing Rome to shoot the other officer while Angela kills the gas station attendant. When Triton reacts to Kate being kidnapped, Bennett knocks him out. Triton regains consciousness and gives chase in the policemen's car. The chase leads to a lake, where Triton falls out of the patrol car and into the lake, seemingly to his death.
IMDB: 4.7/10 28,702 votes

The Marine