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My Old Classmate 5.7
My Old Classmate Nonton Movie Film My Old Classmate Subtitle Indonesia Zhou Dongyu portrays the beautiful but innocent and all-around “good-girl” character Zhou Xiaozhi, who though initially reluctant to get involved with her troublemaking deskmate Lin Yi, ultimately falls in love with him. Zhou’s father raised her with the dream of attending Stanford University, and he sees Lin’s role in her life as endangering that dream; however, this motivates the otherwise poor student Lin to study hard and try to make it to the United States, so that Zhou and Lin can remain together. As young people. we often have an unbridled sense of optimism and hope about the future, and the innocent belief that if we chase our dreams hard enough, we can accomplish anything. “True love always finds a way”, we are told. “Follow your dreams and you’ll be successful”, they said. My Old Classmate shatters that façade. From our dream careers and how we envision our professional milestones being accomplished, to our “first loves” and the naive belief that they will materialize into life-long relationships, in the real world the path to success is often riddled with potholes and twists and turns; in reality, most people never reach success, and when they pass their lives fade into obscurity and irrelevance. My Old Classmate presents the stark reality of life – that it is filled with misery and hopelessness, and just when you believe you are able to grasp the slightest thread of success in your life, it slips away and you are left to fall to a new low point of depression – one you never believed that you could fall to.
IMDB: 5.7/10 251 votes

My Old Classmate