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Awaken the Shadowman 5.5
Awaken the Shadowman Nonton Movie Awaken the Shadowman Subtitle Indonesia “Awaken the Shadowman” contains a kooky cult, small town secrets, creepy dolls with ominous markings, a supernatural shadow person, and next to no explanation for how any of it adds together. End credits come with confusion over what the movie meant to do with its incomplete fiction other than introduce dangling mysteries with no resolutions. What are the cult’s origins? What does the word written on the dolls mean? How is a certain someone connected to the shadow man? The necklace? The junkyard gang? “Awaken the Shadowman” doesn’t follow anything through, leaving its audience going home in the dark. Characters are crafted chiefly from costumes and makeup. Their DNA is designed from stereotyped templates whether they make sense for relationship connections or not. Jean Smart, in what I’d wager is the shortest onscreen appearance of her career, plays a well-manicured woman wearing a gaudy bauble around her neck and a perfectly cut ‘do fresh from the hairdresser. Yet we are meant to believe her boyfriend is a gruff grease monkey straight from the Teller-Morrow garage. We know he is bad news too, since his pals have scarred faces and tattooed chests. Addle-brained Angela is cut from similarly clichéd cloth. Her sketchiness is conveyed through purple eye sockets and holes in her shirt. I’m not sure why her peculiar obsession would give her the appearance of a homeless heroin addict, but the movie doesn’t come up with any better ways to express who she is.
IMDB: 5.5/10 629 votes

Awaken the Shadowman

Plan Z 4.0
Plan Z Nonton Movie Film Plan Z Subtitle Indonesia One man has a plan for a zombie outbreak, when one occurs it will take all his will to stick to it and all of his courage to change it.Alone and afraid, Craig watches the whole world fall apart around him until he gets a call from old friend called Bill (Mark Paul Wake). Together they vacate their hometown of Dunfermline, Scotland and head towards a more secluded and safer place to live or survive. Within the first 5 minutes or so I felt that we were on a promise of an extraordinary independent film with high quality production values. However, by filming in locations such as Verona, Chicago and France (albeit they were fleeting moments) it is quite clear to see where the budget for Plan Z was spent. As with a lot of films out there we aren’t shown gratuitous violent deaths because the budget won’t allow it. So in this case, I think I would have rather have sacrificed Chicago to watch some Zombie faces being smashed full on into the ground. What we want in a zombie film is visceral, bloody hellish decapitations and dismemberments. Not implied violence. Plan Z undoubtedly draws comparisons to other Zombie films that have had the great pleasure of gracing our screens. First and foremost we have the title, which will be likened to Marc Forster ‘s epic picture World War Z. Next having to be armed and dangerous, one of the weapons of choice is a cricket bat, which as we know is an iconic tool from Edgar Wrights fantastical zombie flick Shaun of the Dead. Finally, we are presented with derivatives from Danny Boyles 28 Days Later. Although eerie and beautiful, the musical score from Alexis French is not all too dissimilar from John Murphy’s masterpiece. In addition, near to the beginning of the film, we are presented with the title ‘28 days after infection’.
IMDB: 4.0/10 304 votes

Plan Z

It Stains the Sands Red 5.7
It Stains the Sands Red Nonton Movie It Stains the Sands Red Subtitle Indonesia Nick runs out of bullets trying to stop the unstoppable man-thing, leaving the living duo no option but to hide in their auto until “it” shambles somewhere else. When it seemingly does … well, suffice it to say Nick’s role here is not a lengthy one. Grabbing a few water bottles, assorted recreational drugs and a phone (which contrary to modern horror cliché actually does work, complete with GPS), panicked Molly commences the only path left to her: hiking 36 miles cross-country to the airstrip. She soon discovers, alas, that she has a companion: That walking corpse won’t go away, seemingly drawn by the scent of her, um, fresh meat. At first it’s easy enough to outpace his lurching progress. But unlike Molly, “he” is not at risk of sunstroke or dehydration; he never needs to rest, let alone sleep. He’s even dressed more appropriately, as her fun fur, bustier, leopard-print tights and platform heels are not exactly wilderness-ready gear. This one-on-one peril gets monotonous fast, and while Allen sustains the film with a committed performance, Molly is nonetheless something of a cliché — the wisecracking “bad girl” with a heart of gold — whose killing-time monologues to her uncomprehending pursuer aren’t that amusing or revealing. Likewise, her crises are staged effectively enough, but seldom take us by surprise. When she makes “friends” with the thing she’s by now dubbed Smalls (a dig at his imagined organ size), his taming makes no sense whatsoever beyond the fact that the film has simply exhausted the potential of their relationship as nemeses.
IMDB: 5.7/10 600 votes

It Stains the Sands Red

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers 5.2
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers Sub Indo On October 31, 1988, Michael Myers (Don Shanks) is shot and falls down a mine shaft. The state troopers toss dynamite down the mine, but Michael manages to escape in time. He stumbles into a nearby river and is soon discovered by a hermit. Michael falls into a coma, placing him in the hermit's care. On October 30, 1989, Michael awakens, kills the hermit, and returns to Haddonfield, where his niece Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris) continues to live after nearly being killed by Michael the year before. Jamie has been committed to a children's hospital, having been rendered mute due to psychological trauma suffering from nightmares and seizures, and being treated for attacking her foster mother under Michael’s influence, but exhibits signs of a telepathic link with her uncle. Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence) becomes aware of Jamie's psychic link with Michael, and tries to convince Sheriff Ben Meeker (Beau Starr) that Michael is still alive. Meanwhile, Michael kills Jamie's sister Rachel (Ellie Cornell) by stabbing her in the chest with scissors and begins stalking their friend Tina (Wendy Kaplan), also killing Tina's boyfriend Mike with a sharp rake to his head. Later that night, Tina and her friends Sam and Spitz go to a Halloween party at a farm. Sensing that Tina is in danger, Jamie, having regained her ability to speak, goes to warn her; her friend Billy goes with her. While Sam and Spitz are having sex in the barn, Michael murders them. Spitz is impaled with a pitchfork and Sam is sliced across the chest with a garden scythe. Michael then leaves the barn and kills two deputies that Loomis had asked to keep an eye on Tina for her protection. After the party, Tina goes to the barn and discovers the bodies. Michael chases Tina, Jamie, and Billy with a car. Tina sacrifices herself to save Jamie, and Michael fatally stabs her in the chest. Loomis, Sheriff Meeker, and the police arrive on the scene and rescue Jamie and Billy. Jamie agrees to put herself in danger to help Loomis stop Michael for good.
IMDB: 5.2/10 24.925 votes

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers