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Awaken the Shadowman 5.5
Awaken the Shadowman Nonton Movie Awaken the Shadowman Subtitle Indonesia “Awaken the Shadowman” contains a kooky cult, small town secrets, creepy dolls with ominous markings, a supernatural shadow person, and next to no explanation for how any of it adds together. End credits come with confusion over what the movie meant to do with its incomplete fiction other than introduce dangling mysteries with no resolutions. What are the cult’s origins? What does the word written on the dolls mean? How is a certain someone connected to the shadow man? The necklace? The junkyard gang? “Awaken the Shadowman” doesn’t follow anything through, leaving its audience going home in the dark. Characters are crafted chiefly from costumes and makeup. Their DNA is designed from stereotyped templates whether they make sense for relationship connections or not. Jean Smart, in what I’d wager is the shortest onscreen appearance of her career, plays a well-manicured woman wearing a gaudy bauble around her neck and a perfectly cut ‘do fresh from the hairdresser. Yet we are meant to believe her boyfriend is a gruff grease monkey straight from the Teller-Morrow garage. We know he is bad news too, since his pals have scarred faces and tattooed chests. Addle-brained Angela is cut from similarly clichéd cloth. Her sketchiness is conveyed through purple eye sockets and holes in her shirt. I’m not sure why her peculiar obsession would give her the appearance of a homeless heroin addict, but the movie doesn’t come up with any better ways to express who she is.
IMDB: 5.5/10 629 votes

Awaken the Shadowman