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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 7.6
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Nonton Movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Subtitle Indonesia At a Los Angeles party, Harry Lockhart recounts recent events. Fleeing a botched burglary, Harry's friend is shot, forcing Harry to evade police by ducking into an audition. Harry unintentionally impresses the producers with an outburst of remorse they mistake for method acting. At a Hollywood party before a screen test, Harry meets private investigator Perry van Shrike, hired to give Harry on-the-job experience for his role, and party host Harlan Dexter, a retired actor who recently resolved a ten-year feud over his wife's inheritance with his daughter, Veronica. He also encounters his childhood crush Harmony Lane but wakes up in bed with her hostile friend. He runs over to Harmony's place at 6 a.m. to apologize. Perry and Harry witness a vehicle being dumped in a lake and are spotted by the apparent killers. Perry shoots the trunk lock in a rescue attempt but accidentally hits the female corpse inside as well. They cannot report the body because it appears Perry killed her. Harmony contacts Harry, explaining that her sister Jenna came to Los Angeles, stole Harmony's credit cards, and later killed herself. Believing Harry is a detective, Harmony asks him to investigate Jenna's death as a murder. After she leaves, Harry discovers the lake corpse in his bathroom and a planted pistol. Harry and Perry dump the corpse, later identified as Veronica Dexter by police. Harry discovers it was Harmony's credit card that was used to hire Perry to come to the lake, tying Jenna to their case.
IMDB: 7.6/10 186,562 votes

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang