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Nonton Movie Film Flightplan Subtitle Indonesia

Recently widowed Berlin-based American aircraft engineer Kyle Pratt is taking her husband David’s body back to the U.S, after his untimely death. She and her six-year-old daughter, Julia, are flying aboard an Aalto Airlines Elgin 474, an aircraft Kyle helped design. When Kyle awakens from a short nap, Julia is missing. None of the passengers or crew recall seeing Julia. Flight attendant Stephanie later claims there is no record of Julia boarding and the passenger manifest registers the child’s seat as unoccupied. Julia’s boarding pass and backpack are also missing. Kyle insists that Captain Marcus Rich conduct a thorough search of the plane.

Julia is not found and Kyle becomes increasingly desperate. She unjustly accuses two Arab passengers, Obaid and Ahmed, of kidnapping Julia and plotting to hijack the plane. Captain Rich and the flight attendants (particularly Stephanie) suspect Kyle is unhinged by her husband’s death and may have imagined bringing her daughter on board. Because of Kyle’s increasingly erratic and panicked behaviour, Captain Rich orders sky marshal Gene Carson to guard and handcuff her.

Later, Captain Rich receives a wire from a Berlin hospital claiming Julia died with her father. Kyle furiously denies this and insists the search continue. A therapist, Lisa, consoles Kyle, who starts doubting her own sanity until she notices the heart Julia drew on the foggy window next to her seat. Kyle asks to use the bathroom and, once inside, climbs through a trapdoor into the plane’s overhead crawl space. She sabotages the aircraft’s electronics, deploying the oxygen masks and cutting power to the plane’s lighting. During the ensuing chaos, she rides a dumbwaiter to the lower freight deck.

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