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Dunkirk 8.6
Dunkirk Nonton Movie Film Dunkirk Subtitle Indonesia An introductory text states that in 1940, after the invasion of France by Nazi Germany, thousands of Allied soldiers retreated to the seaside city of Dunkirk. As the surrounding British perimeter shrinks, the soldiers await evacuation, a seemingly hopeless situation. i. The Mole On land, Tommy, a young British private, is one of several soldiers who come under fire from unseen German soldiers on the streets of Dunkirk. He is the only one to make it to the perimeter, where he finds British and allied troops staging for evacuation on the beach. He meets Gibson, another young soldier, who appears to be burying a friend. After a German air raid, they happen upon a wounded man who has been left for dead, and rush his stretcher up to the front of the queue to a ship evacuating the wounded. They are denied passage on the boat themselves, however, and hide on the mole, hoping to sneak aboard the next vessel. However the ship is attacked as it launches; in the chaos they save another soldier named Alex from being crushed by the sinking ship. They get on another departing boat that night, but it is sunk by a torpedo from a U-boat; Gibson saves Tommy and Alex and they make their way to shore. Commander Bolton and Colonel Winnant discuss the situation; the Prime Minister has rejected German surrender demands and has committed to evacuating 30,000 soldiers. In order to evacuate more men the navy has requisitioned smaller civilian vessels which can sail directly up to the beach. ii. The Sea The Royal Navy is commandeering private boats to participate in the evacuation. Mr. Dawson cooperates without question, but rather than let a navy crew take his boat, he and his son Peter take her out themselves; their teenage hand George impulsively joins them as they leave, hoping to do something noteworthy. As they continue towards Dunkirk, Mr. Dawson points out three Supermarine Spitfires flying overhead. They encounter a shell-shocked soldier on the wreck of his ship, the sole survivor of a U-boat attack, and take him aboard. When he discovers that Dawson is still sailing for Dunkirk rather than returning to England, the soldier tries to wrest control of the boat from him, and in the scuffle George falls and takes a severe blow to the head. Peter treats George's wounds as best as he can, but George is blind. Duty-bound to aid in the evacuation, Dawson continues toward France. iii. The Air In the air, three Spitfire pilots – Farrier, Collins, and their squadron leader – are underway across the English Channel to provide air support to the troops waiting at Dunkirk, with instructions for how much fuel they can spend there before needing to return. Although Farrier's fuel gauge malfunctions, he continues onwards nevertheless. They encounter a Luftwaffe plane, which shoots down the squadron leader. Farrier assumes command of the duo, and they continue toward France. They are successful in taking down a plane in their next skirmish, but Collins' plane is damaged and he is forced to ditch in the Channel, with Farrier unaware of his final fate. Farrier continues alone, and switches to reserve fuel, having burned his entire ration in maneuvers along the way. As he flies overhead, he witnesses the destruction of the minesweeper and the sinking of Tommy and Alex's boat. He finally reaches Dunkirk, where evacuation efforts are being attempted under enemy bombardment. He takes out the bomber, saving ships and troops. Farrier flies over the beach, boosting morale as the soldiers clap and cheer for him. Out of fuel, he glides for a landing on a beach and barely cranks his landing gear in time. Grounded beyond the Allied perimeter, he sets fire to his plane, and is taken prisoner by the Germans.   >>>Trailer<<<
IMDB: 8.6/10 83.310 votes